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What others are saying about Martha

"Martha Bolton finds fun in the familiar, the mirth in the mundane, the belly laughs in the bellyaches of everyday living."     --Bob Hope

"Martha is one of the funniest writers alive today."    
     --Phyllis Diller

Martha Bolton has written material for some of America’s funniest people like Bob Hope, and she’s even written material for people who wish they were funnier, like me. Her comedy is refreshingly wholesome, bitingly timely, and pants-splitting funny. I would write more, but I have to go get my pants fixed.
-- Mike Huckabee
"Were one to look up the definition of 'a great top comedy writer, talented, sensitive, and a truly genuinely nice person,' surely a picture of Martha Bolton would appear. She is a brilliant talent, having written for the likes of the great Bob Hope all the way to my shows, whether in Las Vegas or the U.S.O. Tours in Beirut or Afghanistan. She’s the best and I am honored to know her." 
   --Wayne Newton
"Sharp, funny, satirical, and relevant. If there's such a thing as a winning book for 'losers,' this is it."
-- Doug Gamble, former writer for President Ronald Reagan and George Bush, now writes for various politicians and corporate executives (endorsement for Maybe Life's Just Not That Into You)
"I have fond memories of working with Martha on the Bob Hope Show specials in the 80s and 90s. She's one of a kind!"
-- Bob Mills, comedy writer, lecturer, radio host
"I wanted to tell you that it was nothing less than a pure privilege to work with you on the two shows we did recently..."
-- Justin Peters
"You are SO inspiring, the way you stretch yourself as a writer in every direction!!! I am your biggest fan." 
-- Bonnie Keen
"Martha Bolton is a terrific comedy writer and I consider her a wonderful friend as well.  Her characters rock!"
-- Karen Knotts, Actress and daughter of Don Knotts

"As nice as she is funny. And she is very nice."
-- Jimmy Brogan, comedian and former head writer for
         The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Martha Bolton has an attitude that makes her writing special -- she cares about her audience.  That makes every reader part of her writing and makes it  that much more enjoyable for anyone who reads or listens to any of her work.
     --Gene Perret
         Head writer for Bob Hope
         3 time Emmy Award winning writer/The Carol Burnett Show

"Few people can drive home a point with humor the way Martha can.  She lives life in the laugh lane."     --Mark Lowry

"Martha Bolton brings her genius writing skills to express hard truths that we all need to chew on. Her unique gift of humor makes the going down so much sweeter."   --Kathy Troccoli

"Martha makes you laugh the old-fashioned way--with her cleverness, wholesomeness, and realism."   --Ann Jillian

"Martha Bolton is quickly becoming the Neil Simon of Christian drama."  
   --Bil Keane (The Family Circus)

“The best comedy writer I have ever worked with.”     --Jeff Allen

 "Martha Bolton has not just been helpful in writing our books she has been
crucial. Our biggest concern about writing books was to get our conversational
humor to work in print, Martha masterfully made our conversations and
delivery come to life for the readers."

     --Rick Burgess and Bill "Bubba" Bussey, co hosts of THE RICK AND BUBBA SHOW.

"A couple of weeks ago, I understand that I may have drawn my final image of our calamitous cook. After having done one a month since (gasp!) 1990, I kinda thought the event deserved some kind of mention. So, here's my note saying how you've certainly been the easiest collaborator I've ever had to work with. I figure we've done about 190 of these things (give or take a few) and I can't remember complaining about having to do them. I'll miss the ol' gal. I think it's the longest I've been associated with anything in my whole career. That deserves something, doesn't it? I then lift high my little milk carton (torn open, because those spouts never did work right) with a soggy straw, to salute the Cafeteria Lady and all who worked with her.

Thanks for letting me do this for so long."

    Pat Binder
    Official "Cafeteria Lady" Illustrator

"Martha Bolton is a consummate professional and a joy to work with. Talented, extremely funny and clever, she deserves all of her success."

    Brad Dickson
    writer for The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, and co-author of MAYBE LIFE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU and RACE YOU TO THE FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH

LuLu Roman and Martha Bolton"My friend Martha Bolton is one of the most gifted and funny people I know.
Making me laugh is a real feat and she has the "corner" on that one. With
everyday truths and remarkable timing she will make you laugh until your face
hurts. I adore her and her gift is truly amazing."

    LuLu Roman
    Hee Haw

"Martha Bolton is one of the kindest, most hilarious people to have ever paid me money to say something nice about her. Seriously, she is kind and she is hilarious and she didn't pay me a dime to say that!

Besides, a new book from Martha Bolton is as welcome in our house as Grandpa at Christmas. It comes with a suitcase full of gifts, including laughter that is fast-acting and long lasting."

    Phil Callaway
    Speaker and the best-selling author of Laughing Matters



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