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Cooking With Hot Flashes
Bethany House Publishers

The Official Hugs Book
Howard Publishing Co.


Didnít My Skin Used To Fit?

I Think, Therefore, I Have a Headache!
BethanyHouse Publishers

Martha Bolton's refreshing take on life will have her fans-new and old-laughing as they nod in agreement. Her observations about how much the world has changed over the years and how much it has stayed the same, about both the tragedies and the comedies of life, about faith, family, health food, exercise, air travel, and the challenges of middle age are just a few of the topics from which she spins her memorable anecdotes.

"I guess I'm a candidate for a headache; Martha made me THINK! She gave me a new (and thought-provoking) perspective on all the ordinary things that happen to me day, after day, after day. And of course she made me laugh! Chocolate syrup in an IV bag? A new and humorous take on a zipper? Spandex Rules of Engagement? I'm giggling as I think about it. I like to think of Martha and me (her devoted reader) as 'fellow laughers!'"

-Sue Buchanan-author of
Duh-votions and I'm Alive and the Doctor's Dead


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